An image of the Flammarion engraving, which depicts a man peering through the mantle of the earth to look at the heavens

The Foundation for Applied Bio Linguistic Exploration (Fable) is a nonprofit exploring the intersection of narrative and technology, examining their combined impact on storytelling, the human condition, and neuroscience.

We collaborate with universities to advance scholarly research in narrative studies. We foster practical explorations of narrative through our online community and in-person conferences.

Our mission is to raise awareness of how stories affect us individually and collectively, promoting autonomy of thought and a deeper understanding of narrative influence.

About Us

Fable is a collaborative effort spearheaded by board members Ben Hunt, Rafael Mayer, and Craig Wilson. Our board is committed to covering all ongoing operating expenses, ensuring that every dollar of unrestricted giving is funneled directly into our projects and initiatives.

Portrait photo of Ben Hunt
Ben Hunt is the co-founder and CIO of Second Foundation Partners and started publishing Epsilon Theory in 2013.
Portrait photo of Rafael Mayer
Rafa Mayer is an investor, educational system reformer, and EMT in the Pound Ridge Ambulance Corps.
Portrait photo of Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson is a banker, investor and teacher with decades of experience across real estate and operating companies.
Connect 2024

Join us from May 31 to June 2 at the second annual Epsilon Connect conference at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where scholars, technologists, creatives, and enthusiasts from all over the world will explore the intersection of technology, humanity, and education.

Tickets on sale now ↗